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  • United.

    What we are together, is greater than our differences.

  • Just keep swimming…

    What do you do when life gets you down?

  • 5 Things Fathers Told Me That Help (Almost Always)

    Yesterday was Father’s Day, and for a lot of people that’s a huge deal. Celebrating the men in life who have helped shape and influence you is important. For some people, Father’s Day is a hard day, which I completely respect and can see. For me, Father’s Day (as well as Mother’s Day) is a […]

  • needMORE: Family Reunions.

    Family reunions have to be one of the oddest experiences of a person’s life. “Hey everyone I could in some way be related to! Let’s all eat food and figure out how everyone is connected!” Don’t get me wrong, connection in this way is a great thing! But this just seems like an odd time […]

  • needMORE: 6 Things That Will Change Your Life.

    How often do you make a grocery list and end up walking out of the store with WAY more than you anticipated? For me, this is a fairly common experience. “Okay, I just need milk, eggs, lunchmeat, and bread. That’s it.” Next thing I know I am walking out of the store with nothing that […]

  • The LifeSuccess.com Birth Day

    Yesterday, January 1, 2015, we celebrated the birth of the LifeSuccess.com website. We added several blog posts and the overall framework of this new site and I am thrilled to report that we recorded over 1,600 page  views before the day’s end. Yes, LifeSuccess.com is officially alive in 2015 but this project has  been in the […]

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