How often do you make a grocery list and end up walking out of the store with WAY more than you anticipated? For me, this is a fairly common experience. “Okay, I just need milk, eggs, lunchmeat, and bread. That’s it.” Next thing I know I am walking out of the store with nothing that I had planned on buying and way more things in shopping bags than I could ever eat, use, or ever need.

I think that this is fairly common because I often get caught up in the moment of looking for the things I really need, and see the flashy, desired, and fun things in front of me instead that look so much more appealing. “Why yes, I do need those powered donuts… and this gallon of ice cream…”

Our lives are a lot like these shopping trips. Now, I’m not saying that we don’t plan and anticipate without good intention when we are choosing to go about our days. There are plenty of cases (most actually) that I try to do things that are going to work for my best interest and make things way better. These are the things that I like to say that I “NEED”. However, these can be short sighted.

There are things in life that we all need more of: time, money, opportunities, friends, space, etc. And all of these things are great and absolutely beneficial to a fulfilled, healthy, and thriving life. But, so often, we put the wrong emphasis on the things we believe we NEED MORE of because the short term payoff will be much greater than waiting it out. There are some very specific, and seemingly simple, things that a person really, genuinely needs more of. It’s just figuring out what those things are. And here they are:

1) needMORE: Party Hats.

2) needMORE: Jimmy V.

3) needMORE: Treasure Maps.

4) needMORE: Family Reunions.

5) needMORE: Cowardly Lions.

6) needMORE: Mulan.

Over the next several weeks, we will be posting about 6 Things That Will Change Your Life in detail. So, as you continue to look to make your Life and Success meet in sustainable, healthy, and realistic ways, we encourage you to share this list with others and to keep alert to the blogs that we will have up that will explain this grocery list of items that you needMORE of in order to really set up your Life and Success to thrive!

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