Yesterday was Father’s Day, and for a lot of people that’s a huge deal. Celebrating the men in life who have helped shape and influence you is important. For some people, Father’s Day is a hard day, which I completely respect and can see. For me, Father’s Day (as well as Mother’s Day) is a time for me to look at the men (and for Mother’s Day, women) who have spoken wisdom into my life and have helped to guide me in good, bad, and ugly times. Yesterday, when reflecting on the things that I have heard from father figures in my life, there were five key phrases they spoke to me that I personally use on a regular basis. These five phrases are things that have helped me in my times of questioning, trying to better myself, complete certainty, and within my own life overall. These men don’t know that these phrases have affected me in the way that they have (at least as far as I know). So, I want to share that wisdom with you, because it’s great (I’m only mildly biased).


  1. If You Can’t Have Even A Little Fun Doing Something, Don’t Do It.
    • This was something that I was told going all the way back to Little League baseball. It was always a point that was made when I was frustrated, tired, or doubting myself. This phrase is one that I use a lot. It reminds me that it’s perfectly good to enjoy the things I’m doing, even when they don’t seem great because the best work comes out of having fun doing it.
  2. Excellence Is Finishing A Job To Completion.
    • This phrase has been one of the most frequent thoughts I have when working. I have a few different jobs right now, so I constantly remind myself of this phrase. It keeps me in check and always focuses on working till I think a job is “done”, not just “good enough”.
  3. No Worries.
    • I am a worrier. It’s kind of what I do. So, for me, this phrase is something that is a great reminder to simply go with the flow of life and not to get caught up in the small things that hold me up. “No worries” doesn’t mean to just not care, it means to give the proper respect to everything and let it all work together as opposed to trying to control everything.
  4. Someone Can’t “Make” You Feel Anything. Only You Can Give That Up.
    • This. This phrase is the most frustrating thing to hear when it’s directed at you. But (fortunately and unfortunately) it is true. I know I’m not alone in being afraid of what people think of me or letting my emotions get the best of me. This thought has kept me in line and living in a way that tries to be in control of my thoughts, actions, and reactions.
  5. That’s Neat.
    • This is a phrase that probably was never really thought about when it was said to me. However, this one is something I say and think constantly. The simple acknowledgment of something being “neat” has affected me greatly in my life. It reminds me to keep the wonder in my life. It reminds me to never be unimpressed with the things that happen in the world and in others lives. It keeps me humble by focusing on the greatness of the things and people around me.


I’m sure that you can think of a handful of phrases like the ones above, but I have to tell you: The men that spoke these things into my life have, are, and continue to do great things in their lives, for their families, and in the world. So, I think that the things they have to say, and that they individually, are the best. Happy Father’s Day.

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