Month: December 2015

  • Why is our first book called “Mindfulness Over Matter: Volume 1”?

    Many people know the phrase “mind over matter”. This phrase essentially is explaining the use of willpower to overcome the struggles that are faced in life. I think this is a great phrase, but is missing some information that is kind of important… my willpower is limited. I believe we all have a limit to […]

  • Remove two words from your vocabulary.

    Do your conversations about change, growth, development, or tasks ever go something like this?   Someone Other Than Me: Hey, this thing (idea, concept, product, change, etc.) would be really awesome. What do you think? Me: No, because…. (insert explanation as to why “no, because” is the right thing) SOTM: Oh, Ok…   Is it […]

  • Letter From the CEO

    No company can be everything to everyone and do a good job of serving anyone. We must focus our attention and energy on the most important offerings and activities for the benefit of our employees, customers, and all stakeholders. At we understand the importance of branding our site and products to reflect our true […]

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