Month: January 2016

  • Successful Failing

    Have you ever felt disappointment because something did not happen? Have you ever worked super hard on something, only to have no one like it? Have you ever been absolutely clueless on how to approach a project, and so you work hard to figure out how you might do it, and put in countless hours, […]

  • Who or What Deserves Your Attention?

    We are bombarded each day with information from dozens of sources – media, friends, associates, bosses, and even our internal self-talk. So how do we decide which information gets through and which is filtered out? First, the bad news…For the most part, we don’t decide at all because we live much of our lives on […]

  • Definition of a Successful Life

    The simple definition of success: The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.                A successful life. Something we all as human beings seek to achieve. But, with so many definitions of what a successful life looks like, how do we determine what is successful. Is it: A ton of […]

  • No Turn on Red

    A few days ago, as I was nearing the end of a three hour drive, I came upon a red light where I needed to make a right turn. As I slowed down I looked around to check for any “no turn on red” signs or oncoming traffic. The road looked clear and I was […]

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