Our name on the role means our heart in the work.

Who We Are

We are a team of entrepreneurs, business people, technicians, and academics working to help those who want to help themselves and others.

What We Do

LifeSuccess.com Transforms, Inspires, and Equips people who want to do more with their lives, be more effective at whatever they do, and live more fulfilled and satisfying lives.

We are providers of courses, books, live seminars, consulting, on-demand webinars, and other resources to help people define, develop, and achieve success in life and business on their own terms.

Why It Matters

We believe that life balance, personal and business value, research, planning, goal setting, adventure, virtue, and celebration are keys to help people find the success they seek.

The people who seek to understand, develop, and share their gifts, talents, and abilities are the same people who make a positive difference in the world.

Our Story

The year was 1995 and I was feeling confident about life and success. I was taking risks – big business risks – and making things happen. I worked long hours, studied every personal development course that I could find to help me be most effective and efficient in the game of business and life. I set and achieved big goals, and lived life in two modes: Full ON and Full OFF. My roller coaster business life was in forward motion and clearly “wagging the dog”—that was me. Knowing that hard work and persistence would pay off, I struggled onward ever seeking balance, peace, and joy that would complete the vision of our family life.

1995 was the same year that after merging two technology companies, I obtained the domain “LifeSuccess.com.” While this was one of several domains that I purchased, this one held a special place in my heart. My idea of life success was about finding my own true north and creating a life legacy that would kindle passions in others to make the world a better place. I didn’t have a clear vision of what LifeSuccess.com could be and the Web was in its infancy but I knew that I was supposed to make something of it. Something memorable. I made several attempts over the years to spark this project to life, but I never had the time, money, skills, people, and resources all at the same time to do it right. I failed again and again.

Time passed. Life happened and overall, it was good.

Late in 2013, I received a call from a domain broker. The broker assured me that he was working with a business person who would like to make something big with LifeSuccess.com. I declined the offer, and the second offer, and the third offer. My concern was that “my baby” would become something other than the world changing, positive site that I was supposed to create.  I was not ready to let go.

I waited for decades to make this thing happen and this was the push that I needed to get me to stop and assemble a team to really make a go of it. I prayed a lot.

Resources began to appear. The Flight Formula incubator for heart centered business development came to my attention in February 2014 and I applied for a spot in the weeklong immersion program. I learned about pain and passion and spent a week with creative, knowledgeable, and motivated people who were creating interesting new businesses. I learned that I have a passion for helping people expand their life view through adventures and sharing. My need to connect with the power of nature created my adventurous side.

I spent the entire year of 2014 finding and refining my vision of LifeSuccess.com and along the way, I found several people who were excited to help me make this somewhat nebulous, world changing, life expanding business work. They have really put their hearts into it. By the end of 2014, we had more momentum than ever before to get this project off the ground. The entire year of 2015 was devoted to creating content and a Website to deliver our products and services to our market.

Our full launch and initial growth period begins 1st quarter 2016.
We are making this happen.

Blessings to you,


Our Team

Mitch Wright, Creative Director

Mitch Wright Creative Director

Lee Watson Founder and CEO

Dakota McCoy Technical Director

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