Month: February 2016

  • The Zombie Apocalypse

    You might be prepared for the zombie apocalypse, but are you “ready?”

  • Service

    Service happens in many forms – Customer service, community service, and self-service to name a few. Service can be voluntary or involuntary but always benefits someone or something. Merriam-Webster online includes these definitions of service: a :  the work performed by one that serves <good service> b :  help, use, benefit <glad to be of service> c :  contribution to the welfare of others d :  disposal for […]

  • Without Fail

    Here’s an awesome infographic from our friends at! If you have tips, advice, or knowledge on how to make Life and Success meet, contact us! Source:

  • On Keeping a Journal

    Turn off whatever device you’re using, go to your local bookstore or library, and spend thirty dollars on a nice journal.

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