Family reunions have to be one of the oddest experiences of a person’s life. “Hey everyone I could in some way be related to! Let’s all eat food and figure out how everyone is connected!” Don’t get me wrong, connection in this way is a great thing! But this just seems like an odd time to celebrate connection that can so often be an inactive thing.

There are so many people that we are connected to every day. We have co-workers, friends, and random people that we are around. We have counselors, advisors, bosses, and people who are over us. There are countless people that we have a connection to. The thing that we need to do in order to have a thriving life is to develop a connection with the people around us. We need to give every day the opportunity to be a family reunion. 

We needMORE brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, fathers, and mothers. Now I’m not saying we need to go out and somehow adopt, make official members, or whatever other legal things you could do in order to make this happen. What I’m saying is we need to acknowledge that the people that we are connected to are worthy of the type of party, celebration, and noticing that we give the people at our own family reunions.

In order to create a culture of family reunions, we all need to do some very specific things:

  1. Love each other
    • I don’t mean romantically. I mean in the way that your family loves you: unconditionally. We need to look at others as they are, not for what they’ve done or what others say about them.
  2. Be with each other
    • We need to spend time with each other in order to allow relationship to blossom. Doing things like eating, adventuring, or simply being together gives a huge opportunity to create meaningful experiences that are shared.
  3. Be open with each other
    • We need to be able to be our most genuine, honest, and vulnerable selves in order to create relationships that truly last. If you have the time, click this link and watch this awesome explanation of how vulnerability is actually an empowering thing, and not giving someone power over you.

When we love, be, and open up to those around it, it creates a relationship. When we have relationship we have other people who are walking with us through the journey of life. We need to acknowledge that we have family reunions every day. We have family in those we are connected to!


Here’s the people that are in my own family reunions every day:

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Who are at your family reunions?

P.S. If you’re looking for a family to get involved with, you should join the family! Sign up and join the adventure!


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