Month: May 2015

  • needMORE: Mulan

    What in the world does this mean? For those of you who are unfamiliar (sorry for the spoiler), Mulan is a wonderful Disney film about a daughter taking her father’s place in the Chinese army, and she ends up saving all of China! Wow! She’s the best! I bet that was super easy for her!….. […]

  • needMORE: Family Reunions.

    Family reunions have to be one of the oddest experiences of a person’s life. “Hey everyone I could in some way be related to! Let’s all eat food and figure out how everyone is connected!” Don’t get me wrong, connection in this way is a great thing! But this just seems like an odd time […]

  • needMORE: Treasure Maps.

    I’ve never really wanted to be a pirate. But, most of my life I wanted to be Bilbo Baggins. I was never an adventurous person to say the least. I was terrified of dirt, my own blood, and heights just to name a few things that have been fears of mine. I discovered the J.R.R. […]

  • needMORE: Jimmy V.

    Jim Valvano. A man I do not know enough about. I know about his battle with cancer. I know that he has had a major impact on the sport community. I know that he has had an amazing impact on the world wide battle with cancer. I know that his name has lived on even […]

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