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  • United.

    What we are together, is greater than our differences.

  • Just keep swimming…

    What do you do when life gets you down?

  • 100 Words: Doubt

    Doubt is literally betting against yourself.

  • My thoughts on high school reunions

    High School reunions can be scary events if we approach them with a spirit of judgement and comparison. There is a better way.

  • Color Your World

    This blog post comes to you from Chicago in the Northern Hemisphere where it is now officially springtime. With the spring comes new growth, flowers, trees in bloom, and a feeling of new beginnings. Color your. . .

  • Why is our first book called “Mindfulness Over Matter: Volume 1”?

    Many people know the phrase “mind over matter”. This phrase essentially is explaining the use of willpower to overcome the struggles that are faced in life. I think this is a great phrase, but is missing some information that is kind of important… my willpower is limited. I believe we all have a limit to […]

  • My Great Adventure This Month

    My life is a series of great adventures and I have a new one to add to the list. Let me start by saying that I am eternally grateful for the opportunities in my life and for the people who help me to go after my dreams with vigor. I recently received a phone call […]

  • Creativity: The Misunderstood Giant

    Creativity is a giant. It has the potential to build glorious cities and civilizations, or to trample us underfoot. Like giants, and other fairytale creatures, creativity is a concept that’s considered trivial, vague, and nonsensical. Often, we leave creativity to the “artsy, hipster, weird” people. If creativity has the possibility of creating such wonderful things […]

  • Be Thoughtful in Everything You Do

    Most people don’t take the time to be thoughtful. Many times, we come across individuals who make decisions without first doing the most important part of the decision making process: thinking. Even the most successful people in this world can coast through life on “autopilot,” not realizing their lack of thoughtfulness. What inspires you to […]

  • 10 Quotes To Make You A Virtue Virtuoso

    LifeSuccess.com is fully committed to helping people create better lives through personal discovery and mastery. With that end goal in mind, we cannot approach the idea of betterment without looking at our values and beliefs. Who we are and our moral standards come to light through our virtues. Virtues are the beliefs, actions, and ideas […]

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