They happen every year. The first, the tenth, the thirtieth. Why do these events cause so many varied emotions and is there a healthy attitude toward these events that will limit the anxiety connected to seeing and being seen by people who often only remember you as a teenager? Why do people avoid these events?

For me, when I attend my high school reunion later this year, I vow to leave all judgement at home. I will see these people, most of whom live in completely different worlds than I do, as people just like me. I’m not the richest, most successful, most travelled, best preserved person in my class so let’s just leave that competitive spirit out of the equation. Anyone who attends the event has lived through challenges, pain, sadness, success, and so many more experiences.

This time, we should all remember to simply appreciate each other without comparison and enjoy the company of people who used to be a part of our every-day lives.

I was not popular in school. I was shy, small, and happy to make it through high school relatively unscathed. That was a season of life and now I am in a different season. I learned so much over the years and I have made more than my share of mistakes. I have also been fortunate in many areas and I’m thankful for all that life has been so far.

So, when I see you at the reunion, and you see me. Be kind and friendly. I’ll do the same. You don’t need to impress me with your success, and I won’t bore you with mine. If you want to tell me about how you are making this world a better place, I’m all ears.

Come to think about it, we should treat every person, every day, without judgement. If we spread good will and do our best to help others in any way possible, our world becomes brighter.

I wish you a wonderful day and if you’re going to a reunion this year, make it great by humbling yourself and leaving all judgement at home.


Lee (and the Team)

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