This blog post comes to you from the Northern Hemisphere where it is now officially springtime. With the spring comes new growth, flowers, trees in bloom, and a feeling of new beginnings. It is a colorful time of year. It is also a colorful time of year in the Southern Hemisphere, as fall arrives and the trees change colors in a different way. Of course, the equator region is beautiful all the time so let’s just think about strolling among green palm trees, brilliant flowers, lush colorful forests, beautiful blue green water, endless skies with puffy little white clouds, and all that is lovely in the sunniest part of the world for a moment.

Ahhhh, that was a nice thought, wasn’t it.

With all this said, let me remind you again that we all live in different worlds. Not just because we live in different geographical areas, but because we have similar likes, dislikes, faiths, circumstances, and opportunities which also serve to color our worlds. There is some color overlap both geographically and relationally but even in our own families we have different challenges and different colors to describe our lives.

Okay, so if we all have different worlds, then what is the potential impact that my world will have on other worlds. The answer is . . . Massive, and that is why we should be careful to pick great colors every day to show everyone we meet. When we color our world with the muddy gray of negative thinking, we expose our color to people and often pollute their otherwise positive and colorful worlds. When we choose the beautiful bright and cheery colors of positive thinking, we help others see what could be true in their lives. We also tend to surround ourselves with people of similar dispositions. So, if your world seems like that muddy gray that I described, you may tend to surround yourself with other people displaying a dark and lugubrious character. Break out and find some color. It may be challenging, but this is one area where the phrase “fake it until you make it” really works. Pretend like you’re happy; put a smile on your face; say hi to people who cross your path, and before long, you will find yourself in a more colorful world.

So go out and paint a rainbow of hope and love wherever you go. We are all in this big world together, even if it is spring where I live, and fall where you live.

A parting thought – There was a letter from a man named Paul to some people in Corinth written a long time ago. Near the end of his letter, he wrote: “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13
He was a wise man.

Let the coloring begin!

Love to you,
Lee (and the team)

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