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  • Say Hello to greenCOW!

    As you may have noticed, things have been pretty quiet lately here at LifeSuccess.com. This is because our team has been hard at work developing Northwest Indiana’s newest coworking space: greenCOW Coworking (green as in eco-friendly and COW as in collaborative open workspace). If you’ve never heard of coworking before, then you are missing out on the newest […]

  • 5 Things Busyness Has Lied About to Me.

    Busyness is a dirty, no-good, rotten liar. Don’t let it take advantage of you.

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving from our team to yours!

  • Flipping the Script

    Both change and the unknown can be terrifying, and oftentimes leave you wondering what your next steps, or even your life direction, might be. While it is easier to hide behind words paired with inaction, action might just be the step that leads to possibilities you had not imagined or considered to be possible.

  • 100 Words: Time

    Sometimes it’s better to let things go.

  • Yay Community!

    Community makes the world better. Where are you plugging into?

  • My thoughts on high school reunions

    High School reunions can be scary events if we approach them with a spirit of judgement and comparison. There is a better way.

  • Community Building for Small Business People

    The Wikipedia definition of community building: Community building is a field of practices directed toward the creation or enhancement of community among individuals within a regional area (such as a neighborhood) or with a common interest. It is sometimes encompassed under the field of community development. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Community_building In the world of small business, community building looks like involvement in the local Chamber of […]

  • We All Have A Story To Share

    Everyone you will ever meet knows something that you don’t…

  • Color Your World

    This blog post comes to you from Chicago in the Northern Hemisphere where it is now officially springtime. With the spring comes new growth, flowers, trees in bloom, and a feeling of new beginnings. Color your. . .

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