Category: Kayleigh Nauracy

  • Staying on Course

    Many people set New Year’s resolutions and lose sight of them by February. If I am honest, I have surely done this. But this year, we have a unique opportunity to make this one different, to make it count. To realize you are not alone in your struggle to accomplish and juggle many things at a time, and to have a realistic view of what accomplishing your goals really takes. So take a moment to reorient with us, and ensure you will stay the course.

  • The Freedom to Do

    Feeling trapped or as if all odds are working against you is not the greatest. Feeling alone in that process is even worse. Yet, you are not alone, and there is freedom just around the corner. There is a freedom to do, to act, for every one of us, even though it looks different for each of us. The key is doing, moving, acting, and experiencing the freedom in the process.

  • Flipping the Script

    Both change and the unknown can be terrifying, and oftentimes leave you wondering what your next steps, or even your life direction, might be. While it is easier to hide behind words paired with inaction, action might just be the step that leads to possibilities you had not imagined or considered to be possible.

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