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  • 5 Things Busyness Has Lied About to Me.

    Busyness is a dirty, no-good, rotten liar. Don’t let it take advantage of you.

  • 100 Words: Division

    I’ve never been a math person, but…

  • Mapping Out Organization

    On the last trip of my expedition, I must overcome the treacherous journey back home. In order to make it home and further into my journey towards my career I must stock up at home on abilities and defaults.  Organization, is the key to an easy ride through life. Without this needed necessity you will […]

  • Without Fail

    Here’s an awesome infographic from our friends at onlinembatoday.com! If you have tips, advice, or knowledge on how to make Life and Success meet, contact us! Source: OnlineMBAToday.com

  • Successful Failing

    Have you ever felt disappointment because something did not happen? Have you ever worked super hard on something, only to have no one like it? Have you ever been absolutely clueless on how to approach a project, and so you work hard to figure out how you might do it, and put in countless hours, […]

  • Remove two words from your vocabulary.

    Do your conversations about change, growth, development, or tasks ever go something like this?   Someone Other Than Me: Hey, this thing (idea, concept, product, change, etc.) would be really awesome. What do you think? Me: No, because…. (insert explanation as to why “no, because” is the right thing) SOTM: Oh, Ok…   Is it […]

  • Innovation

    As we get older and set in our ways, we can lose our flexibility. Not just the flexibility that allows our bodies to move freely, but also the flexibility that allows us to think and act freely. We may also lose the flexibility to innovate in our small businesses. We tend to dismiss new ideas […]

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