On the last trip of my expedition, I must overcome the treacherous journey back home. In order to make it home and further into my journey towards my career I must stock up at home on abilities and defaults. 

Organization, is the key to an easy ride through life. Without this needed necessity you will most likely get lost in a mess of your own thoughts, actions, and motives. Having a clear head about what you need, want, and desire to do will make moving around life easy. The ship’s journey is unpredictable but that doesn’t mean you can’t organize and prepare for it. You can be ready for anything to some extent if you put your mind to it.

Yeah, some people aren’t very good at that sort of thing but don’t let that stop you. Be motivated by the fact that this can better you in life. Being organized isn’t easy to do alone. Sometimes seeking a class or asking for help with organization can be easier than you think. Doing simple organizational tasks like organizing your books/games/movies alphabetically, numerically, ect., can be any easy first start.

Never give up; life will try to pull you down and it will if you let it. If you manage yourself with rules and regulations on bettering yourself life won’t be able to pull you down easily. There are lots of obstacles to overcome but beating them is easy if you map out a plan before you start new journeys. Don’t let life veer you off course, instead ram it to the side and let it know you don’t plan on giving up easily.

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