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  • 100 Words: Time

    Sometimes it’s better to let things go.

  • Just keep swimming…

    What do you do when life gets you down?

  • Changing Tack

    It happens throughout our lives. We are living on a path that is good, bad, or otherwise but it is our path. We wake up knowing that today will look much like tomorrow. Sure, the seasons change, a vacation happens, we run out of coffee, but mostly, life is predictable. Then something happens to disrupt […]

  • We All Have A Story To Share

    Everyone you will ever meet knows something that you don’t…

  • Being Inspiration

    Each of us has felt the fire of inspiration before, but what are you doing to return the favor?

  • Memoirs from a Fast Food Joint

    It’s 10:30 at night. I’m in a McDonald’s in the middle of nowhere while I eat a cheeseburger and type this. The cheeseburger isn’t even hot. The pickles are practically frozen.  The cheese is just this cold and floppy slice of disappointment sitting atop a burger of shame. It’s awful and I want to go […]

  • Innovation

    As we get older and set in our ways, we can lose our flexibility. Not just the flexibility that allows our bodies to move freely, but also the flexibility that allows us to think and act freely. We may also lose the flexibility to innovate in our small businesses. We tend to dismiss new ideas […]

  • Lessons from a Sailboat – Part One

    I spend more time than most people on sailboats. Over the course of over thirty years on the water, I have learned some lessons that are helpful in life just as they are on the water. I’d like to share a few with you right now!  A sailor needs skills to move a boat from […]

  • A Pirate Humbled – Unexpected Adventure

    We spent the night on the sailboat “Kathryn” the night before our planned adventure from Corpus Christi, Texas to Key West, Florida. It should have taken about eight days and we would have covered about a thousand miles. It was a long night. Restless. Early the next morning, Thursday, we made final preparations with hope […]

  • My Great Adventure This Month

    My life is a series of great adventures and I have a new one to add to the list. Let me start by saying that I am eternally grateful for the opportunities in my life and for the people who help me to go after my dreams with vigor. I recently received a phone call […]

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