It happens throughout our lives. We are living on a path that is good, bad, or otherwise but it is our path. We wake up knowing that today will look much like tomorrow. Sure, the seasons change, a vacation happens, we run out of coffee, but mostly, life is predictable.

Then something happens to disrupt our world in a big way. Maybe it was health, other people, or a job that caused the derailment, but all of a sudden, life looks and feels very different. We do our best to adjust and bring things back to some sense of normal, and usually we are successful in handling the situation and finding a similar, although modified, sense of normal. Things settle down and we are back on track.

Our lives change like that and for most of us, if we step back and look at the long view of life, there are bumps and turns but still an overall direction to somewhere. Some people barely survive and some people thrive. That is our overall direction. We aim to find resources to get us through the day, or we find resources to take us to the moon. Most people are born, grow up, learn, work, vacation, work some more, retire, and die (mostly in that order).

We make course corrections along the way, but we don’t change the destination. That is okay for many people, but some people want to dramatically change their destinations in a positive way. They want to Change Tack!

What do I mean by Change Tack?

In the sailboat world, we change tack to take a new direction. The wind completely changes from one side of the boat to the other and our course correction is at least ninety degrees. For example if you’re in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, heading to Antarctica, you will make course corrections all along the route, but if you make a ninety degree turn to the east or west and hold your heading, you will end up in Africa or South America but not Antarctica. Not your intended destination (but they probably have better beer and you won’t freeze).

In life, we make course corrections to keep us on our chosen track or we change tack completely and head for a more beautiful, peaceful, and satisfying life. We don’t have to tack abruptly. We can start learning about how our attitudes and beliefs rule our worlds and we can change them over time. When we do this we are Changing Tack and heading for the moon or wherever we want. It’s never too late to start either. Open your mind and start learning about the possibilities. If you need guidance, start following and we will feed you the positive information to help you on your way.  Where do you want to go today?

Best wishes for a beautiful journey,

-Lee (and the Team)

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