When you are determined to accomplish something you have put your mind to, it often happens that many distractions begin to arise. Your schedule seems to build itself up out of nowhere. Things begin to go “wrong”, things of the unexpected nature. It seems as if the moment you set out to accomplish this goal, everything works against it.

Yet here is the aspect people tend to forget: life happens. Life happens whether you are trying to accomplish one goal, or twenty goals. Life happens in the unexpected and the mundane. Rather than being frustrated by this, we have a large opportunity to see this as a positive. How much more would accomplishing our goals mean, if we knew there were indeed factors stacked against us? Not only that these factors existed, but that everyone faces them and has an opportunity to rise above them in their own unique way?

If we knew that life happened and seemed chaotic when we least expected, and anticipated it, we would know exactly how to respond when this did happen. We would have a plan of action to avoid our ship being sunk, our mind wandering, and our confidence in our goal starting to diminish. It by no means lends an interpretation that you will never get distracted, or that one strategy will work in every situation.

But, knowing how you work to accomplish goals, what your strengths and weaknesses are in that process, is entirely important to staying on course.

So what are your strengths and weaknesses when you set forward in accomplishing your goals? Do some of your goals need rescaling to be accomplishable in a shorter time horizon? Are you not thinking big enough, or outside of the box enough, and you need to reorient your goal to be more challenging?

Do you find you realistically don’t have enough time each day, week, and month, etc. to be working on your goal? Or, do you find you have more time on your hands than anticipated and can be working on a larger goal, an additional goal, or spending your time in another way?

We are now inevitably in the season of New Year’s resolutions, so this is a great time to ask yourself these questions! Are your resolutions feasible? Have you thought them through and worked out how you are going to accomplish them, i.e. what is measurable and actionable?

We all have a large opportunity to maximize on the cultural hype surrounding a “New Year, New You” mentality. So let’s get moving and see what our course looks like! We will certainly be planning ours, and hope to see you do the same.

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