We are bombarded each day with information from dozens of sources – media, friends, associates, bosses, and even our internal self-talk. So how do we decide which information gets through and which is filtered out?

First, the bad news…For the most part, we don’t decide at all because we live much of our lives on autopilot.

This is a well-researched fact and as Peter Clemens writes in The Change Blog – “Sure, I was traveling through life with my eyes open and my hands on the wheel. But it seemed as if I was heading toward some pre-determined destination that had been chosen for me by others.”

Yes, many everyday tasks and routines just happen without much conscious thought. Whether we like it or not, we hear, see, feel, and respond to questions, requests, and directions with very little conscious thought or scrutiny. It’s not laziness or even a negative reaction to the routine, but simply our unconscious or subconscious response to routine. It’s really quite an energy saver. We don’t have to think critically about much during the day, we can just do today what we did yesterday. For the most part, things look fine – we get up, go to work, come home, and start all over again tomorrow.


This energy saver is not necessarily a good thing. Clemens points out that there is one clear sign that you are not happy about living your life on autopilot – You know exactly where you’ll be, and what you’ll be doing in five years, and the thought is depressing.

The Good News…

If we are interested in improving the world around us and helping others to do the same. If we are interested in changing anything about our lives, we must break the cycle and with a little effort, we can do just that. By taking that extra moment to think about things before acting, we begin to change our direction. We stop mindlessly paying attention to commercial messages, we listen to others with the intention of understanding what they are saying before we move to action or respond with our opinions. We also apply new filters such as a positive attitude to everything.

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.”
― Walt Whitman

We may find that we have a great idea about doing a routine task in a different way or eliminating a wasteful practice.

In conclusion:

If you want to live a better life, turn off the autopilot and start living a life adventure on purpose with your senses involved and aware. You might feel a bit out of control at first, but when you learn to fly on your own, new and amazing things come into your world. Think about what you are doing, practice filtering external and internal stimuli with a great attitude filter, and keep the darkness and shadows behind you.

Wishing you a great week of positive thoughts and clear, conscious thinking.

– Lee (and the LifeSuccess.com team)

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