The simple definition of success:

The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

               A successful life. Something we all as human beings seek to achieve. But, with so many definitions of what a successful life looks like, how do we determine what is successful.

Is it:

  • A ton of money?
  • The big house?
  • An extravagant car?

Or, can it be something as simple as the journey of life and experiences that continue to help us grow as individuals and in ways we couldn’t have imagined? With the new year upon us and everyone in recharge and restart mode, most people’s mind is set on how to make the new year a true success. The truth is that everyone assigns the concept of “success” in different ways.

              A successful life can be viewed in various ways depending on your cultural background, environment, and even in the generation in which you were born. But, if we really examined the most important areas of our life and put a value on each, most people would be amazed at how successful they were already. It is necessary to reflect on the tasks or goals that you had set for yourself in the past year and honor those that were a success and recognize those that were failures. Creating goals for the new year is great, and obviously necessary to have something to work towards, but without a plan on how to achieve these goals we find ourselves running in circles and being frustrated majority of the time. So, the plan should have steps of action on how to achieve these goals and help us move closer to our grand vision of success.

                Success and the vision of a successful life can and should be a very simple concept. Simple, but not confused for easy. The work and focus necessary to achieve goals can be very difficult, but very rewarding in terms of leading to a successful life. So, what’s your definition of success? What will you do to start building a successful life full of experiences, growing, and loving?

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