Many people know the phrase “mind over matter”. This phrase essentially is explaining the use of willpower to overcome the struggles that are faced in life. I think this is a great phrase, but is missing some information that is kind of important… my willpower is limited. I believe we all have a limit to our ability to say “no” to things. My limit is good food. Especially cookies. And ice cream. But, that’s beside the point. I can drive myself to try and try and try and try something again and again but that doesn’t mean I’ll be able to maintain that mindset. If we all struggle with this, then what is missing from our lives that will help us be better?

I would argue that what we need is already inside of us.

There is something innately within us that makes us who we are, and that thing is virtue. I know a lot of people hear that word and get mildly nervous because of the preconceived connections of religion and virtues. But, don’t be alarmed. Virtues are something deeper than the values and beliefs that we hold. Virtues are universal. Being a kind person is being a kind person no matter what you believe. Honesty is honesty. Creativity is creativity. So, these things are the building blocks that make us who we are. These things are the small steps towards making BIG CHANGE in our lives. They help us approach our life with a different mindset and perspective. Mindfulness is awareness, but not just any old, normal awareness. Mindfulness is taking a big picture look at your life and taking note of not just the good, but the bad too. Mindfulness is a healthy perspective and mindset. Mindfulness is how we see who we really are. So, mindfulness (our awareness of who we are and the virtues we have within us) is how we overcome the matter of the world. Mindful Over Matter.

But, why volume 1? We believe that mindfulness is an ongoing journey for all of us. There is not one person who has figured out how to be 100% virtuous 100% of the time. We all have work to do (and if you say you don’t, the thing you need to work on is humility). There will be more “Mindful Over Matter” volumes coming out over time. These books are designed to supplement, collect, and extend our current Mindful Monday emails. This is the extra kick that you’ve been looking for if one email a week isn’t quite enough to get you on your feet and moving forward.

We look forward to continually providing you, and many others, with awesome content. We are excited to share the things in which we ourselves are learning and growing. There’s some great adventures to come and we cannot wait to share the ride with you!

– Mitch (and the Team)

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