No company can be everything to everyone and do a good job of serving anyone. We must focus our attention and energy on the most important offerings and activities for the benefit of our employees, customers, and all stakeholders. At we understand the importance of branding our site and products to reflect our true passions and focus on the people who will benefit most from our efforts. We offer our products and services to anyone who is interested, but we know that our “sweet spot” is concentrated in the people who have undeveloped or underdeveloped hopes and dreams that are screaming to be heard. The people who have a secret passion to step up in their current position, create a new business, or to improve a current business will find immediate benefit at and these people are a big part of our target audience. If you feel that you fit into this group, we want to know you, and we want to help you achieve success by your own definition. We want you to understand what success truly means to you and then we want to help you find it. Simply living life from day to day and working at a job that does not resonate with your heart, is not living a life of purpose, joy, and fulfillment. The journey may not be easy, but you will find it difficult to meet a person who has followed a dream and not benefited in a significant way. Life is short. Get at it.

The following is our focus, mission, and a few words about how we deliver on our message: – Transform | Inspire | Equip Transforms, Inspires, and Equips people who want to do more with their lives, be more effective at whatever they do, and live more fulfilled and satisfying lives.

We provide courses, books, live seminars, consulting, on-demand webinars, and other resources to help people define, develop, and achieve success in life and business on their own terms.
We believe that life balance, personal and business value, research, planning, goal setting, adventure, virtue, and celebration are keys to help people find the success they seek.

For the entrepreneur, we supplement the free and low cost programs currently provided by SBA (Small Business Administration), SBDC (Small Business Development Corp.), SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives), and other resources with heart-centered, value driven, cutting edge tools for success.

Several courses are also available live in groups up to six people on a sailboat to illustrate the importance of adventure along with leadership, team building, problem solving, communication, and other skills. = People + Dreams + Guidance with Action

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Thank you for reading and we wish you a wonderful and prosperous day, week, month, and year.


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