In our circles, We hear more and more about the importance of building heart centered businesses every day. There is a whole new industry growing around the idea of helping people create awesome lives by doing the things that really resonate with their deepest desires with a focus on virtues, service to humanity, and excellence. People are creating or re-creating businesses with less selfishness and greed, and more genuine service and quality. We believe that we are part of this movement. We discuss the importance of serving people the best way we can and we know that our ability to serve well creates our sustainability.
So, why is this happening?
It is my opinion that millenials are responding to the excesses and general unsustainable practices of our past “super vacuum” mentality. That is, grab everything you get near, keep the best and discard the rest. The people of millennial generations are choosing “quality of life” over “standard of living” which suggests that the pendulum of greed and excess is reversing. This, of course, is not something that is going to change dramatically over night, but we are moving toward a cleaner, more sustainable, friendlier world. We don’t have a choice.
What can you do?
Get connected with people and companies that are part of the solution. Learn about your gifts, talents, and abilities and how you can use them to improve the lives of your family members and community members. You might consider turning that hobby of yours into a small business. You might consider turning that small business of yours into something bigger and better than you imagined.
What can we do?
We are a relatively new company, with many products and services in the works. We will provide you with tools, courses, and resources to help you find success by your own definition. We aim to transform, inspire, and equip you to create the best small business possible. Subscribe to and we will keep you informed about new products, resources, and services to help you on your way.
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