I have horrible allergies. My nose and sinuses gets congested to the point where I get headaches from the pressure that is built up. My eyes get swollen and hurt. I basically turn into a zombie from the months of May through October because of the constant flow of decongestants and allergy medicine I take.

When nature comes alive my body tries to kill me.

I become a “home-body” during the summer. It’s one of the only ways that I can somewhat stay alive during the year. Because I stay inside so much, my skin has become more sensitive to the sun, so every time I go outside I get sunburned. This terrible chain reaction makes me want to be inside more.

When nature comes alive my body tries to kill me.

Because I stay inside, pale and only breathing, I struggle with being active. So, I gain weight. Which, let’s be honest, I don’t need any more of. So, the chain-reaction continues and I slowly start to be continually killed by nature.

Maybe this year can be different though…

No, my allergies aren’t just disappearing. No, my sunburn is not going to be less likely. But, I can choose to react better.

Summer is upon us, and every day has the potential to be something great. Adventure is waiting for us, just around the corner. I think it’s time that I took summer by the handles and steered myself, as opposed to letting it steer me. So, what does that mean?

  1. Go outside
    • Do something. I just recently got a bike from a family member. The tires need a little air, but otherwise, it’s ready to ride. So, instead of sitting inside, pale, breathing, and dying, I’m going to fill up those tubes and take it for a spin.
  2. My body is still going to try to kill me anymore
    • My allergies aren’t just going to magically go away, but I can prepare for the symptoms. I need to take my medicine, know when my body has reached it’s limit, and not be afraid to try things. The only way to do this is to prepare and know my own limits.
  3. Repeat
    • The only way to not let nature kill me is to repeat steps 1 and 2. It’s an ongoing cycle. So, once I’ve done the steps once it’s time to do them again.

When nature comes alive my body tries to kill me… but it’s going to have to fight harder this year.

How are you going to fight back and steer your summer?

– Mitch (and the LifeSuccess.com Team)

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