Lifestyle. Adventure. Work. Everything that we do falls into at least one of these three categories. Our entire lives are comprised of the various bits and pieces that all come together to make this three-part Venn diagram that we use as a model to help balance our lives. Some of us are strong in some categories and weaker in others. Sometimes we find ourselves shifting our focus between the three many times in the course of a single day.

At the center of these three foci of life sits the heart of our entire mission with this company: Life Success. Only through proper life balance can we ever hope to achieve the most wholesome degree of life success possible. To concentrate our energy at helping you get to that point in your life we offer various resources aimed at helping you identify where you stand and where you need to go. Today I would like to bring attention to a new seasonal program that we are offering to help you get your dose of adventure: sailing!

Millions of people live along the southern border of Lake Michigan but never get an affordable opportunity to sail across its water. For some the expense of a boat is too high. For others the cost of paying for a sailing charter out of Chicago would burn a hole in your pocket so big you could fit your entire arm through it. For others still, the amount of time necessary to learn how to sail safely is too much of a burden to fit into a busy work week.

Well, we’re going to help you solve all of those problems., under the care of U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captain Lee Watson, is offering sailing cruises to any and all who are interested. Our team has the rare opportunity to take something we love and share it with you! For rates you won’t find anywhere else along the South Shore, we are able and willing to take parties of up to four on sailing adventures across the waters of Lake Michigan. You don’t have to know anything about sailing; you just need to know how to have a good time. We will be sailing out of the Hammond Marina all Summer, and we want you to join us.

A cruise for you and your significant other. A surprise adventure for a friend’s birthday. A getaway to escape the daily grind. The most beautiful views of sunsets and sunrises that the Midwest has to offer. The list of reasons to get out on the water with us goes on and on. We’re ready. The lake is ready. Are you?

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