Peace often feels unachievable, overused, and misunderstood. Life seems to be an endless turning of events, schedules, and activities that need to be attended and accomplished and all we can do is try as hard as we can and hopefully we do some good and maybe one day we can rest and see the good that has come from our work and, and, and, and, and… It continues till one day, our vehicle breaks down and we’re done traveling.


Let’s open the door to what peace can look like on a day to day basis. You simply have to understand what you’re looking for.


Finding peace can be broken down into four steps:

1) Define what peace feels like. Peace can be boiled down to: “freedom from disturbance: quiet tranquility”. This definition is not a hardline understanding of “peace”, but is an attempt to understand this subjective concept. When you look at peace from this perspective, it sounds so simple, yet so distant and out of reach. This is because peace can vary from person to person. So, you and you alone have to define what peace feels like. It can be happiness, rest, joy, a getaway, or any other mindset. The world around you and I, despite being in a state of confusion and chaos (war, famine, hate, violence, etc.) is filled with immense potential for peace.

2) Define what peace looks like. You can find the answer to this step through this question: What gives you the feeling of peace that you defined in the first step? Peace can come in many different forms. Personally, I find my greatest peace in the times of playing music with my friends and family and sharing in talents and time. For others it might be exploring, reading a good book, admiring the beauty in people and nature, or even just being active. Peace is out there, you just have to find it.

3) Revisit the things that give you peace. I fully believe that in order to travel the Road of Life well, you have to make rest stops from time to time. What’s the point of mapping out pit stops on your journey if you are never going to take the time to experience them? These times are the moments to search and revisit places of peace. These things will make your traveling that much more energizing and exciting as you make time to enjoy the change in scenery, time, and experiences.

4) Repeat steps 2 and 3.

When looking for peace in life there will always be challenges. But, by working through this Road Map to Peace, you will be able to find peace and tranquility with ease and success. The thing to remember is to not give up or cancel your trip if you have missed a rest stop. Keep persevering through your journey and adjust your travel (and rest stops) to fit you.


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