Have you ever climbed a mountain? A rock? A large flight of stairs?

I climbed one really big rock in my days of “adventuring” (check out our NeedMore: Treasure Maps post to understand why I’m putting adventure in quotes), and let me tell you… IT WAS HARD! Here’s a picture from the base of the rock I climbed:


It was a hot day in Arizona and all I could think about was, “How am I going to do this? There’s no way I can do this…”

Have you ever felt like you were staring up at a giant rock (like the one above^^^) when you were looking at all of the things you have to get done?

Many of us have times when we feel like we:

  1. Can’t get anything done.
  2. Can’t do anything right.
  3. Have no motivation to work.
  4. Feel stuck.
  5. Any combination of the above.

And these feelings create a sense of un-productivity that can permeate through our whole day. And let’s be honest, it is way easier to shut down, be unproductive, and feel bad about the mountains that we have to climb than it is to buckle down and start making the trek up.

Sometimes all it takes is a few, simple actions to get us moving in the right direction. So, if you are facing a mountain to climb today, or any day after this, here are a few common feelings that are attached with un-productivity and a few ways to start making steps towards the top of the mountain.

  1. I can’t seem to get anything done!
    • This problem is super common to face as you make your way up the mountain of productivity. The best way that a person can start to move ahead past this problem is to:
      • Pause what you’re doing.
      • Find something small (and by small I don’t mean unimportant. I mean something that can be done in 10 minutes) that needs to be done. It could be answering an email, loading the dishwasher, or packing your gym bag for your next workout.
      • Get that thing done.┬áThis gives you the feeling of accomplishment that can send you forward for the rest of your day!
      • WARNING: It may be easy to get scattered doing lots of other things. Don’t let that get in your way. Be sure to go back to your original task or goal to get it done!
  2. I feel indecisive and can’t make any decisions!
    • I know that I struggle with this hurdle from time-to-time. It feels really good to not have to make decisions about things. But, this causes a person to get stuck in whatever life throws at you and that’s not always going to be the best option. The best way I have found to hike over this obstacle is to:
      • Give yourself 10 minutes to stop and think of a game plan of how to tackle what you feel indecisive about. I generally will take a quick walk in order to get my blood flowing as I think.
      • After 10 minutes, if you still don’t have an idea of how to approach your indecision take the next hour and do something that you know that you can be certain of. Come back to thinking after that hour and work on a game plan some more.
      • WARNING: It’s easy to get stuck in constantly putting off coming up with a game plan. So, make a list of the ways that you approach your indecision. It helps keep record and keep you mildly accountable to getting something done.
  3. I feel like I’m stuck in a rut!
    • When a person gets into the groove of a routine, it is easy to feel like what’s happening is boring, mundane, and unimportant. There are several ways to avoid “the rut” when climbing the productivity mountain:
      • Break up the day
        • By doing different things throughout the day it gives your mind the opportunity to work in a different capacity. It keeps you alert and feeling like you’re getting things done.
      • Do something new
        • Sometimes all it takes is trying one, small thing that you’ve never tried before. Get something you’ve never had at lunch. Take a different way to work. Talk to someone you’ve never talked to before.
      • Put on a smile
        • A positive attitude can change everything. You can open your world and routine to something entirely different simply by smiling, being optimistic, and opening yourself to being friendly.

Mountain, rock, and stair climbing is hard. It takes work. But, the top of the mountain is so worth the view. Seeing how much you’ve accomplished, the fantastic feeling of determination, the wind blowing through your hair are all what make facing the mountain worth it. Take a look below…

See what I mean?

Now, here’s the crazy part… Once you reach the top of the mountain it is actually hard to get back down. Let me say that again: When you reach the top of a mountain it is hard to get back to the bottom. Do you know what this means?? It means that it is hard to get back to the bottom once you reach the top. When you set before you the steps to reach the top it puts you in a position to stay there and soak up the view of your productivity! So, even though it may be hard to climb up the mountain, it’s just as hard, if not harder, to climb back down! So, pack up, take a few steps to get your bearings, and start making your way through productivity mountain climbing!


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