Party hats have to be one of the worst inventions by mankind. The idea that putting on something eerily similar to a dunce cap to have a party is confusing to me.


But, I LOVE them.


How many times during the day do we find ourselves feeling like we are in a never ending cycle of monotony? Wake up, work, sleep, repeat. What if I told you that you are not alone in this feeling? According to a Gallup poll, only 30% of U.S. workers are engaged in the workplace, and only 35% of managers  are engaged in the workplace (that’s right, even bosses feel this way too!). Let me word this in another way: On average, 65%-70% of people feel like they have no purpose, vision, or value in the workplace. Holy cow. I know that I have felt this way, but really…. around 2/3rds of the American workforce feels this way? How does anything get done?!


In the grocery list of life, there are many things that we need, but I would suggest that in the workplace, and in every day situations, we NEED MORE of one thing; PARTY HATS.


Party hats are the ubiquitous symbol of childhood celebration. Brightly colored, slightly uncomfortable, and always fun (and funny) illustrations that something good is happening. I remember some of my earliest party hats with fondness. The feeling of excitement, chaffed neck, and anticipation that comes with putting this thin cardboard cone on my head. This was what excitement about something felt like, and for many years, this was the feeling of joy and celebration. But as I’ve grown up, I’ve lost the party hats. Why is this? What happens to us as we grow up that causes us to lose our celebration?


When we grow up, at least as I’ve grown up, it seems like more and more I seek the affirmation of doing the biggest, best, and most awesome thing in the history of whatever I’m doing. I think we all have felt this way: “I have to work harder/better/faster/stronger (thanks Daft Punk)/etc. in order to make so and so happy/make ____ happen/be happy/etc.” We strive to be the best in the big stuff, but in doing so I think we lose a piece of living in the moment that we sorely need: The need to celebrate.


Every day, we have the limitless opportunity to do something miraculous (sounds pretty good right?). We have the chance to make someone’s day brighter with a hug, get a work assignment done on time, have a meaningful (or hard) conversation, and yet we never take the time to acknowledge that these things that we get to do every day are meaningful! Every person matters, therefore every thing that you do that pushes you to fulfill your living and success has a significant purpose and value! When people are celebrated for their successes, it gives a greater drive to be successful. It also encourages that same person to celebrate the successes of others! It’s a cycle that just keeps giving.




So, I say, throw on the party hats!

If you don’t have any party hats, go get some! We did ^^^^^!

Today, and every day, is the chance to celebrate the meaningfulness, vision, value, and purpose of the day.

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