Sometimes, life and success are not always what we anticipate. The ways in which we respond to circumstances that happen to us is what makes beauty, joy, and fulfillment out of the unexpected. As we (Lee, Dakota, and Mitch) have been trying to get things moving forward on the site, company, and movement that is there have been few moments for us to stop and reflect on the great progress that we have accomplished so far. So, we took the time to try to capture some of our thoughts about what has been, can be, and will be done with With close to thirty minutes of video and audio whittled down to under 3 minutes, we are excited to show you the goofy, laughing, and joyful reactions to the ways in which life and success may not always look like we would anticipate as we grow into a thriving community of world-changers. Click on the link below to watch our first video posting!



We (Lee, Dakota, and Mitch) believe that joy and laughter are essential aspects to life and success. So laugh with us as we continue to find joy in our work. If fulfillment and laughter are experiences that you desire, get behind the wheel and Drive Life with as we continue to grow and learn to create better lives through personal mastery and self-discovery!

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