Creativity is a giant. It has the potential to build glorious cities and civilizations, or to trample us underfoot. Like giants, and other fairytale creatures, creativity is a concept that’s considered trivial, vague, and nonsensical. Often, we leave creativity to the “artsy, hipster, weird” people. If creativity has the possibility of creating such wonderful things why does it scare so many of us? Because, like giants, creativity can be hard to control. Creativity is the external showing of internal life and for many people that is an extremely vulnerable and terrifying idea.

What if people don’t like what I offer?

What if I really don’t have anything to offer?

What if I don’t know what I’m doing?

To be honest, this is perfectly normal. This doesn’t make it good, but it is normal. Humanity has a drive to be certain and have certainty in its endeavors. However, creativity is something that can open the doors to so many new and exciting opportunities that you (or I) had no idea were on the other side of the door. At we believe that a life without creativity is a life that limits the potential for real and dynamic experiences, change, and adventures.

Creativity is crucial for success. A popular survey conducted by IBM of 1,500 CEO’s from 60 countries and 33 different industries identified creativity as the “most crucial factor for future success.” Creativity leads to new ideas, which leads to new developments, which leads to innovation, which leads to better and new products, ideas, companies, and real healthy growth. Creativity is at the heart of every major change that the world has experienced. Someone had to brave enough to address the giant (creativity)!

Creativity is crucial for life. Not only is success influenced by creativity, but so is your life. If your experiences (mental, physical, and spiritual) are not met with a creative perspective, then the same things will always happen for you. Life is the culmination of your experiences. Don’t we all want as many pages in this book as we can fill? Some of the best creative advice that affects life that I have been given is:

1) Do something. Anything.

2) Go to intersections and observe.

3) Try something that scares you.

4) Look for ideas/innovation/inspiration/art in everything.

5) Share even when it’s uncomfortable.

There are countless ways in which a person can “address the giant”. For the team, music carries a lot of our creative weight. ┬áSkill level and style do not matter; we just love playing music with each other and new people. Below, you will see a video of a “jam night” that we have had in the recent past. This video, taken by Chelsea Keith (, is a good look into what we do with our creativity. So, enjoy this video, address the giant of creativity, and make your life and success the best (most creative) it can be.


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