As continues to grow and develop, we have been through some different “catch phrases” and “calls-to-action”. But the more that we have developed our products, our vision, and our desire to help people, there is one word/”catch phrase”/”call-to-action” that stands high above the rest in our minds: JOIN THE ADVENTURE.

Adventure is something that can permeate our every day… if we know what we’re looking for. The term adventure brings to mind epic scenes of journeying across vast expanses of land or water, trying to conquer the evil foe, and save the day (click the link and you’ll get what I’m hinting at).  We at would like to propose a new way to look at “adventure”.

If our lives are a journey that we travel through, trying to find the best routes, working to “vanquish the evil foe” (only you know what or who that might be), and save the day, then why don’t we view our lives as an adventure?

This just seems so wrong! Each and every one of us has the potential to make something incredible happen every day, whether we realize it or not. The team at believes that we should all be given the push to change our mindset and grow our opportunity to acknowledge that our lives, our day-to-day actions, and our very existence is an adventure! So, starting this month we are going to be putting out an Adventure Challenge!

Using the #AdventureLS, post in your social media (or even send directly to us) about your adventures! Post about things that stretch you, excite you, challenge you, or make you stop and acknowledge just how much of an adventure you are already on!

Some examples of #AdventureLS might be:

eBJIgrh3TCeHf7unLQ5e_sailing-5Learning how to sail! (Stay tuned because that very well might be able to happen for you!)






6e609595Exploring a city! (There are some great things to discover!)






photo-1415226620463-aedee27159c5-2Crashing a plane in the middle of nowhere! (Not advised, but hopefully you get my drift that adventure is whatever you make it… but seriously. Try to stay safe with your adventures!)






Post or send your adventures directly to us, and once a month we will post in the Atlas your photos, descriptions, and adventures in order to not only showcase the awesome stuff that we all get to do, but also to encourage others to go on, or acknowledge the adventure that truly is LifeSuccess! The more that we encourage others to Join The Adventure, the more that Life and Success meet!


P.S. Don’t forget to Join The Adventure to get regular updates, offers, and new ideas on how to make your Life and Success thrive! Life’s a journey. Don’t travel alone.

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