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Who or What Deserves Your Attention?

We are bombarded each day with information from dozens of sources - media, friends, associates, bosses, and even our internal self-talk. So how do we decide which information gets through and which is filtered out? First, the bad news…For the most part, we don't...

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Definition of a Successful Life

The simple definition of success: The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.                A successful life. Something we all as human beings seek to achieve. But, with so many definitions of what a successful life looks like, how do we determine what is successful....

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No Turn on Red

A few days ago, as I was nearing the end of a three hour drive, I came upon a red light where I needed to make a right turn. As I slowed down I looked around to check for any "no turn on red" signs or oncoming traffic. The road looked clear and I was good to go, all I...

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Remove two words from your vocabulary.

Do your conversations about change, growth, development, or tasks ever go something like this?   Someone Other Than Me: Hey, this thing (idea, concept, product, change, etc.) would be really awesome. What do you think? Me: No, because.... (insert explanation as...

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Letter From the CEO

No company can be everything to everyone and do a good job of serving anyone. We must focus our attention and energy on the most important offerings and activities for the benefit of our employees, customers, and all stakeholders. At we understand the...

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It is Your Choice

We all live different lives inside our heads. Who or what we listen to, see, touch, or otherwise experience has a major influence on our thoughts and actions. Those things actually play a role in shaping our lives. Years ago, when I began my personal development...

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Thank You, Veterans

Today, we in America celebrate the men and women who have sacrificed themselves for the safety, security, and well-being of our nation. This is no small feat and we wanted to stop our normal routine in order to give the proper respect and praise that the men and women...

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The Myth Of Overnight Success

Ah, to be part of a company that is perceived by the general population as an “overnight success” is a wonderful and gratifying thought. The fame and fortune that follows serves to propel the company to even greater success, and on and on the story goes. The doors of...

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