Ah, to be part of a company that is perceived by the general population as an “overnight success” is a wonderful and gratifying thought. The fame and fortune that follows serves to propel the company to even greater success, and on and on the story goes. The doors of opportunity open wide for proven winners. Is it something in the DNA? Is it all about being in the right place at the right time? Is it who you know that makes the big difference? Does success come to the hardest workers? Just how does this overnight success thing happen? Maybe it is a combination of all those things and maybe it is something completely different and unexpected.

You can probably see where I am going with this. Yes, overnight success is partially all of those things mentioned, and it is also something different and unexpected. Here is a fact about those success stories that may give you hope if you are a current or aspiring entrepreneur.

Success rarely happens “overnight”.

“The best-kept secret in the start-up world is that there is no such thing as an overnight success. Success typically takes six to seven years – if you survive the first three. Why? The real key to success comes from having a better idea, putting effort behind its positioning, tracking down the right resources and working harder than your competitors over an extended period of time.” –Forbes

It turns out that most of those “overnight successes” that you see in the media have been around for years – creating, learning, working, suffering, and finally – succeeding. Starting with a great idea is still at the top of the list but it is clearly not the only thing that matters. All the other things that contribute to success are still important and must be done with persistence. Even with today’s nearly instant information, high quality companies still need time to position and grow before becoming successful.

Is overnight success what you really want?

What most entrepreneurs want is not overnight success, but freedom. Freedom to work when they want, where they want, and how they want (pajamas?). This is quite possible with proper planning, balance, and guidance. Remember: It’s the journey and not the destination that provides joy, freedom, and satisfaction. Don’t hurry the process. That is where the real success lives.

I hope that this gives you hope if you’re still working on your business or just thinking about getting one started. The people who are open to new learning, work hard, and stay in the game for the long run have the best chance for success. Success that comes every day in the form of a job well done and people well served.

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