With the site up and running and our user base growing we are now entering a phase where blog posts and quirky Mindful Monday emails aren’t enough for what we’re trying to accomplish. The LifeSuccess.com team is now entering the realm of producing resources with specifically targeted goals.

For instance, something we’ve been cooking up in our luxurious office underneath the staircase (I affectionately refer to us as the Harry Potter of the self-improvement world), is a small business program. LifeSuccess.com founder Lee Watson is a very successful businessman who first began honing his craft well over thirty years ago. He’s got a lot of experience and information that can help someone like you or me start a small business of their own. Unfortunately he’s had trouble taking those ideas and putting them into words.

That’s where Mitch and I come in. We’ve spent the last week picking Lee’s brain apart in an attempt to take his ideas and design some sort of program or course based on that. It’s still foggy, but the puzzle is starting to come together.

Bear in mind that this is subject to change, but what we are developing — based on what we’ve managed to get from Lee —  is a program we’re calling Small Business x01. Each “course” in the program, organized in a tiered format similar to what you’d find in a college curriculum, focuses on a different aspect of developing your own small business. This includes areas such as self-analysis, financing techniques, operations management, CRM, and others.

Our objective is to carry the program out routinely, perhaps quarterly, and have one week dedicated to each section. Each week would see a psuedo-tutorial on the subject, where we deliver appropriate and concise resources for you. Ideally this includes a written portion, video segment with commentary from outside professionals, and resources for additional reading if you’re interesting.

We also aim to bring those enrolled in the course together for collaboration, because each of us has something that someone else can learn from, and that’s part of what we’re all about here.

Where do we currently stand with the project? The rough outline is drawn, and as of right now we have six weeks worth of material to begin sculpting. Our next step is to take each of those six sections and develop their specifics. We’ll be turning Lee’s thoughts and experience into words and connecting with professionals who know what we don’t. As a team of three people, we’ve got a lot of work and reaching out ahead of us, but we’ve made it this far.

I foresee many weeks writing, recording, and drinking a lot of coffee.

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