College…it’s a big thing. Right now college is probably one of the most difficult things I have ever experienced. Trying to steer a vessel through these waters is challenging. Though not everyone goes to college or graduates from it, it can be one the most difficult things in your life.

In college we are expected to be prepared for the hardships it will put you through; truth is, no one is ever prepared for such a life changing event. Money, isolation, and career are my top struggles I have to push through in order to achieve my dreams. I plan to major in creative writing; using this degree I want to become a world renown writer. In order to move forward in my journey, I have to prepare as much as I can. In order to map out my plan of success I need to plan the supplies I’ll need. Money, devotion, dedication, responsibility, and knowledge.

When trying to find money for college it can be stressful and seem pointless since it seems like it won’t be easy. Well you’re right, this ship is not easy to support, but it is valuable to maintain because it will guide you to a much better future. Money rules and governs all the world; it’s what makes it run. Without it accessing things may be difficult. But don’t get discouraged, money can be easier to find then you’d think. Most schools will give you grants/scholarships in order to attend if you don’t have enough. Getting a job with the school can mean a flexible schedule and more money towards school. And always apply for third party scholarships.

Isolation is by far the most heart wrenching thing I will have to overcome. I may be all alone on my cruise but in the end I will meet new people on my journey who are just as amazing as my old friends. I will be far away from home, separated by miles of road and grass. I will not know a soul at my school and I will be forced to communicate with new individuals. Being an introvert in a setting like college can be very difficult. It will take me some time to find the right group of individuals that relate to me. But, never give up because the more you join clubs, sports, and go to events the more of a chance you have of meeting people.

From this situation you need to know that to accomplish your dreams you need to be willing to go all out, and stay determined. Life’s waters are treacherous and can be unforgiving. You need to take away that horrible things may stand in the way of your future and you can’t always prepare yourself for adversity. Just know life is tough. But keeping going.

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