Yesterday, January 1, 2015, we celebrated the birth of the website.

We added several blog posts and the overall framework of this new site and I am thrilled to report that we recorded over 1,600 page  views before the day’s end.

FullSizeRenderYes, is officially alive in 2015 but this project has  been in the works for decades. It took the right mix of talent,  resources, and timing to finally take flight and without the help of  everyone who has helped us in their own unique ways, I would not be  writing this post. So, what happened to make the difference? Well,  some events were serendipitous but most were the result of focused work  and a driving desire to make the world a better place. Here’s the short  list:

1) Our ducks lined up, the stars aligned, and all the puzzle pieces fit together

2) We found the Flight Formula – Heart Centered Business Incubator

3) Mitch and Dakota joined the Family

4) We worked hard and persisted

5) Several other awesome people joined us as advisors, mentors, and contributors is not just a website. This is a movement, aligned with other global movements to be part of a solution.  “A solution to what?” you might ask. Well, I’ll tell you.

There was a quieter time when people lived simple lives, cared for one another in many ways, and actively respected people, places, and the earth as a normal routine. Many of those attitudes are still around today, but things have gotten more complicated. We have more people, more stuff, less personal connection (even with social media), and lots of busyness everywhere. Stress levels are up and life satisfaction is down. This does not have to be the “new normal”.

At, we want people to understand their gifts, talents, and abilities, and use those assets to create more meaningful, joyful, and significant lives. We are working with other companies, websites, people, resources, and we are creating our own programs to clearly show how people can manifest a real difference in their worlds.

We encourage you to connect with us as part of this worldwide movement to improve lives – one person at a time – using the gifts, talents, and abilities that you currently possess through the simple act of sharing your life with others. You will find examples of people helping others in everyday situations and by using our programs, you will learn to effectively do the same.

We chose to grow this site organically, which is to say that we released the framework and we are building content and links to others who are interested in changing the world for the better every day as we hear from you and understand what it is that will help you.

You can be part of this movement too! By joining us in this adventure, you have the opportunity to build and share your own success as an example to others. Even if this is a challenging time in your life, we can show you how to dig in and find the good.

Please FOLLOW US in this adventure and become a Family Member Today!


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