Throughout my life I had to learn two things: life is unexpected, and we can control the way we steer it. All I had to do was grab a hold of life’s wheel and steer towards the goals and directions I wanted to go.

The first part to my journey into adulthood responsibility was education. I needed to complete high school and then seek higher education. But high school wasn’t easy; life threw many obstacles in front of my boat trying to capsize me. There were people I met that I thought cared about me. I thought those people supported me in my beliefs. I thought I could trust anyone and everyone I would ever meet. But life isn’t always a beautiful tropical island that it plays out to be. Some people I met tried to take advantage of me by exploiting me, stealing from me, or just pushing me down because of my dreams.

Everyone loses control eventually. It’s just a matter of your decisions if the boat crashes into those obstacles or not. To avoid or better protect myself I had to realize that bad things could and will happen to me. All we can do about these things is to better educate ourselves on situations like this. To help overcome my hardships, I would ask my family for advice; that didn’t work all the time sometimes I had to rely on other means of help. Drawing, writing, and video games were major stress relievers when it came to situations like that. Upon playing, writing, and drawing I realized that stress relieving helped me concentrate and ignore people like that more and more to eventually they just left me alone. I look back now at all the hardships I went through in high school-drama, self-worth, and whether not I could make it through High school-I realize that all these damages I did receive made me who I am today. They made me realize that I wasn’t the only person who struggled, but I also wasn’t the only one to succeed. Once I dodged that obstacle I now know that I need to map out and prepare for my second part of education: college. Whilst waiting on my ship for the next big wave of challenges I need to plan my next journey.

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