Lee Watson – I am currently working on my legacy project – LifeSuccess.com with a group of dynamic and talented partners and advisors. They are my LifeSuccess.com family.

After spending decades working on my entrepreneurial projects and creating the best life I could for my family, I decided to give back to people who want to create better lives for themselves and use their gifts, talents, and abilities to serve others.

I earned my MBA from Purdue University and created a life as a successful entrepreneur, but more importantly, I am a husband, father, community supporter, and an adventurer.

My wife, Krissy, and I have three lovely daughters who are creating wonderful lives and families of their own and I hope to leave a healthy family legacy of love for God and all people, peace, hope, grace, and great adventures during this brief physical life experience.

In this season of my life, I choose to work with people and small businesses to develop excellence while ferociously guarding my recreation and legacy building time

Contact me at l.watson@lifesuccess.com or call me directly at 219 808-4076



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Community Building for Small Business People

The Wikipedia definition of community building: Community building is a field of practices directed toward the creation or enhancement of community among individuals within a regional area (such as a neighborhood) or with a common interest. It is sometimes encompassed...

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Changing Tack

It happens throughout our lives. We are living on a path that is good, bad, or otherwise but it is our path. We wake up knowing that today will look much like tomorrow. Sure, the seasons change, a vacation happens, we run out of coffee, but mostly, life is...

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Color Your World

This blog post comes to you from Chicago in the Northern Hemisphere where it is now officially springtime. With the spring comes new growth, flowers, trees in bloom, and a feeling of new beginnings. Color your. . .

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Service happens in many forms – Customer service, community service, and self-service to name a few. Service can be voluntary or involuntary but always benefits someone or something. Merriam-Webster online includes these definitions of service: a :  the work performed...

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Who or What Deserves Your Attention?

We are bombarded each day with information from dozens of sources - media, friends, associates, bosses, and even our internal self-talk. So how do we decide which information gets through and which is filtered out? First, the bad news…For the most part, we don't...

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