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needMORE: Mulan

What in the world does this mean? For those of you who are unfamiliar (sorry for the spoiler), Mulan is a wonderful Disney film about a daughter taking her father's place in the Chinese army, and she ends up saving all of China! Wow! She's the best! I bet that was...

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needMORE: Family Reunions.

Family reunions have to be one of the oddest experiences of a person's life. "Hey everyone I could in some way be related to! Let's all eat food and figure out how everyone is connected!" Don't get me wrong, connection in this way is a great thing! But this just seems...

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needMORE: Treasure Maps.

I've never really wanted to be a pirate. But, most of my life I wanted to be Bilbo Baggins. I was never an adventurous person to say the least. I was terrified of dirt, my own blood, and heights just to name a few things that have been fears of mine. I discovered the...

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needMORE: Jimmy V.

Jim Valvano. A man I do not know enough about. I know about his battle with cancer. I know that he has had a major impact on the sport community. I know that he has had an amazing impact on the world wide battle with cancer. I know that his name has lived on even...

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needMORE: Party Hats.

Party hats have to be one of the worst inventions by mankind. The idea that putting on something eerily similar to a dunce cap to have a party is confusing to me.   But, I LOVE them.   How many times during the day do we find ourselves feeling like we are in...

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needMORE: 6 Things That Will Change Your Life.

How often do you make a grocery list and end up walking out of the store with WAY more than you anticipated? For me, this is a fairly common experience. "Okay, I just need milk, eggs, lunchmeat, and bread. That's it." Next thing I know I am walking out of the store...

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How To Make Your Earth Day Successful

Happy Earth Day (Isn't all this green up ^^^ above crazy?)! Today is not just the day when we acknowledge that we live on a planet that is full of beauty, but that we need to do something about keeping it beautiful! Every thing we do has an effect on the Earth. It's...

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Lessons from a Sailboat – Part One

I spend more time than most people on sailboats. Over the course of over thirty years on the water, I have learned some lessons that are helpful in life just as they are on the water. I'd like to share a few with you right now!  A sailor needs skills to move a boat...

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A Pirate Humbled – Unexpected Adventure

We spent the night on the sailboat “Kathryn” the night before our planned adventure from Corpus Christi, Texas to Key West, Florida. It should have taken about eight days and we would have covered about a thousand miles. It was a long night. Restless. Early the next...

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