When I graduated from Hanover College with a degree in computer science, working on Lee’s legacy project was not something I expected to find myself doing — but how often do things go according to plan?

I first involved myself with LifeSuccess.com as part of my senior thesis in college, offering my technical skills where available. What should have ended after a few months continued to grow and expand until I found myself helping guide and drive the machine we have today. I chose to continue working with LifeSuccess.com after college because I value the mission and vision that Lee has created. We’re going to help a lot of people, and that sounds like a great idea to me. Now it’s just time to make it happen.

I am a member of the Chi Chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity, where I served in multiple positions, including president. During college I was also involved in Pep Band, Student Activities Budgeting Committee, College Mentors for Kids, and the Rugby club. When I’m not working on this project or at my day job, you can find me coaching the Chesterton High School debate team, where I hope to help the students capture yet another state championship.

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Welcome to Dakota McCoy’s blog!

Say Hello to greenCOW!

Say Hello to greenCOW!

As you may have noticed, things have been pretty quiet lately here at LifeSuccess.com. This is because our team has been hard at work developing Northwest Indiana's newest coworking space: greenCOW Coworking (green as in eco-friendly and COW as...

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