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Be Thoughtful in Everything You Do

Most people don't take the time to be thoughtful. Many times, we come across individuals who make decisions without first doing the most important part of the decision making process: thinking. Even the most successful people in this world can coast through life on...

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Motivation Does Not Exist

As a senior in college, I've experienced a multitude of varying studying habits during my stay at Hanover College. I've seen the studious students, the slackers, the procrastinators, the cheaters -- you name it, I've seen it, and perhaps even tried it out for myself....

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Don’t be the Boss

At some point in our lives, we all have the opportunity to "be the boss". We might find ourselves overseeing a specific project, a manager, a supervisor, or a key role player in a situation. Whatever this might look like, at some point you will have authority of some...

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10 Quotes To Make You A Virtue Virtuoso is fully committed to helping people create better lives through personal discovery and mastery. With that end goal in mind, we cannot approach the idea of betterment without looking at our values and beliefs. Who we are and our moral standards come to...

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Road Map to Peace

Peace often feels unachievable, overused, and misunderstood. Life seems to be an endless turning of events, schedules, and activities that need to be attended and accomplished and all we can do is try as hard as we can and hopefully we do some good and maybe one day...

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