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February/March Video Update

We got the chance to talk with Lee Watson (Founder of about what he believes to be the core goals and direction for Check out this video for more information and ways to get connected to get the most out of your life and success!...

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What Are You Living For?

Jon Foreman, frontman for the band Switchfoot and one of my favorite writers, wrote a song called “Thrive”.  In the song, he sings the lyrics “I want to thrive, not just survive” (here's the link in case you want to hear it).  And that really is what sparked the ideas...

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My Great Adventure This Month

My life is a series of great adventures and I have a new one to add to the list. Let me start by saying that I am eternally grateful for the opportunities in my life and for the people who help me to go after my dreams with vigor. I recently received a phone call from...

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As continues to grow and develop, we have been through some different "catch phrases" and "calls-to-action". But the more that we have developed our products, our vision, and our desire to help people, there is one word/"catch phrase"/"call-to-action"...

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Creativity: The Misunderstood Giant

Creativity is a giant. It has the potential to build glorious cities and civilizations, or to trample us underfoot. Like giants, and other fairytale creatures, creativity is a concept that's considered trivial, vague, and nonsensical. Often, we leave creativity to the...

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Sometimes, life and success are not always what we anticipate. The ways in which we respond to circumstances that happen to us is what makes beauty, joy, and fulfillment out of the unexpected. As we (Lee, Dakota, and Mitch) have been trying to get things moving...

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The Birth Day

Yesterday, January 1, 2015, we celebrated the birth of the website. We added several blog posts and the overall framework of this new site and I am thrilled to report that we recorded over 1,600 page  views before the day's end. Yes, is...

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Remain Flexible for Personal Growth

As we get older and set in our ways, we tend to lose flexibility. Not just the flexibility that allows our bodies to move freely, but also the flexibility that allows us to think freely. We tend to dismiss new ideas and new ways to look at the things which may be...

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