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Transform. Inspire. Equip.

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Transform. Inspire. Equip.

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Welcome to! Transforms, Inspires, and Equips people who want to do more with their lives, be more effective at whatever they do, and live more fulfilling and satisfying lives. We provide courses, books, live seminars, consulting, on-demand webinars, and other resources to help people define, develop, and achieve success in life and business on their own terms. We believe that life balance, personal and business value, research, planning, goal setting, adventure, virtue, and celebration are keys to help people find the success they seek.


Whether you prefer the feel and smell of paper or the convenience of eBooks, we’ve got you covered.


Public speaking, leadership, network administration, sword-swallowing, drafting a business plan; whatever skills you’re after, we’re bringing the lessons to you.


What’s that? You were a huge hit at your networking event because that cool logo on your jacket was a fantastic conversation starter? Nice job.


Our crack squad of totally average people filters through the overload of information out there so you don’t have to. Sit back and enjoy a thought-provoking read.


There’s no need to re-invent the wheel. We’ve found others with a mission similar to ours, and we think their products and services will benefit you.

Always Look for the Silver Lining

There are times when we experience things that are just plain frustrating. This can be an unfulfilled promise, an unsatisfied expectation, or a let down from another person or from a situation. It can also be a variety of other things, things that are personal and relative to our own life journey that others may not understand. While our instant reaction in this situation is to automatically be angry, maybe we should consider taking a step back, and examining the root of our anger and how we will choose to proceed.

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It’s Time to Actualize Your Dream

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